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X-Treme X-400 Electric Scooter

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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The X-Treme X-400 electric scooter has more of an "adult" look to it than other models from X-Treme Scooters. It's a practical, yet inexpensive option for commuters on their way to work, school or the store. The XTreme X400 is pretty fast and can hit speeds of up to 18 mph for up to 18 miles. The 400 watt earth magnet electric motor is very efficient and gives enough power to take medium grade hills and rough terrain. The X-Treme X-400's dual front and dual rear shocks make for an super smooth and comfortable ride. You can install the seat kit or leave it off for stand-up riding. The X-Treme X-400 folds for easy storage and because it's electric the X-400 is eco-friendly, noise-free, and extreme-ly cheap to operate (costs only pennies to charge). Specifications: Speed: 18 mph Range: 18 miles Motor: 400 watt high efficiency earth magnet electric motor.

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