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X-Treme XB-200Li Folding Electric Bicycle

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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The X-Treme XB-200Li is the ride for you if you're simply aching to get into gear on a folding, lightweight electric bike. X-Treme has really got you covered this time with their newest ebike model. Using all top of the line components, this sweet baby can get you around town and back again with speed and ease, and safely too.

The medium sized XB-200Li sports a convenient quick-disconnect, brushless 300 watt rear hub motor that can really get you moving out at an amazing top speed of 15 mph, and of course the bike can go even faster if you help it out by pedaling.

The beefy electric engine is fed by a 7-cell lightweight lithium ion battery pack, which stores ample juice for a 25 mile ride on one charge with no pedaling. The handy battery pack is light enough so that the X-Treme XB-200Li rider can easily pack a spare, to double the range of the bike to an amazing 50 miles without pedaling.

The X-Treme XB-200Li Folding Electric Bike makes coming to a stop simple. The XB-200Li is fitted with front and rear high quality WinZip disc brakes. When combined with the special safety switch that cuts the throttle out any time the brakes are applied, you'll have no problem at all coming to a halt.

The gearing is a top-notch 7-speed Shimano gear system. A handy handlebar mounted button allows you to easily toggle in and out of power assist mode. Accurate steering is a snap, to get you in and out of tight situations with ease and safety.

This model has large 12.5” aluminum mag wheels outfitted with high quality Kenda tires. You'll be riding in comfort on the fully adjustable, low profile, double rubber spring loaded, super soft Velo seat, which can be adjusted at a full 10 inch range, from 26” to 36”, allowing riders of any stature to easily ride this sweet bike.

The medium-sized electric bike comes in at less than 40 lbs. net weight, and easily folds down to a convenient size of just 25” x 31” x 7”, which makes life simple when you want to store or transport the X-Treme XB-200Li.

The super strong, hand-welded all-aluminum alloy frame assures you of a safe ride. This lightweight yet super strong frame can take a beating and come back begging for more.

Legally classified as an electric bicycle, the XB-200Li can be operated without registration, a driver's license or insurance in most states.

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