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X-Treme XB-300-SLA Electric Mountain Bicycle

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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The X-Treme XB-300-SLA Electric Mountain Bike is for entry level riders seeking a fun yet safe off-road experience on a quality built electric mountain bike that clocks in at an extremely attractive and affordable price.If that's what you seek, look no further than X-Treme's new XB-300-SLA.

Powered by a beefy 300 watt brushless electric motor, the XB-300-SLA full-sized mountain bike can easily and quickly attain a top speed of 20 mph unassisted. Two 12 volt, 12 amp SLA batteries pump electricity to the engine, giving the bike its 10 mile range limit (more when pedaling). The engine drives the rear wheel directly, with no troublesome chains or belts needed, a plus when riding in the dirt.

Though it's been stripped down to the basics, the entry level X-Treme XB-300-SLA is built with top notch components, including high quality, reliable 7-speed Shimano Tourney gear and shifter system, a TZX-31 rear dérailleur, and gearbox. As you pedal, you can easily activate the Twist and Go (TAG) system for that extra boost of power, to make it up that hill. When using the Pedal Assist (PA) mode, the engine comes on after every 360 degree rotation of the pedals, making leg pumping even easier.

The X-Treme XB-300-SLA Electric Mountain Bike has quality front and rear caliper brakes that can stop you on a dime, keeping you safe as you ride the trails. The 18” steel frame is strong and can take a beating. The bike's steel forks equipped with standard suspension assures you of a comfortable and easy ride with soft landings, and the super responsive aluminum alloy handlebars allow you to make twists and turns that you are bound to encounter on a typical mountain ride with ease.

This model is lightweight, clocking in at a mere 63 lbs. net weight, and can carry a rider of up to 275 lbs. Fitted with high quality Kenda pneumatic knobby rubber tires, the wheels are made of double wall aluminum alloy rims. These tires can grip and spew as much dirt as you can toss at them.

Measuring in at 72” wheel to wheel, the X-Treme XB-300-SLA is 25” wide and 37” high at the handlebars. It is just 65 lbs. net weight, and the 21 lb. battery pack, the quick release front wheel, and the quick release sealed rear wheel hub motor can be easily removed for ease of transport and storage.

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