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X-Treme XB-508 Electric Bike

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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The X-Treme XB-508 Sport is an upgraded version of the X-Treme XB-500. It offers a sportier look, dual headlight system, 48 volt – 14 amp battery system, and a more powerful 550 watt motor. The X-Treme XB-508 electric bike is the ultimate alternative for commuters that need a quick way to get around without the expense of operating a vehicle or motorcycle. The XB-508 is classified as an electric bike (since pedals can be used) but the pedals do not need to be installed. This allows it to operate like an electric moped but you do not need to register it or carry a drivers license to operate it (in most states, please contact the DMV to check the laws in your area before purchase). The XB-508 is loaded with nearly all of the same features you will find on electric mopeds at less than half the cost. The XB-508 is environmentally friendly, noise-free, and operates on pennies a day. It's a great way to beat the high prices at the pump! Want more?


Speed: 20 mph (motor powered only and faster if you pedal).
Range: 20 miles (unlimited range when you pedal).
Motor: 550 watt brushless hub motor. The motor is in the center of the rear wheel.

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