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X-Treme XMB-400 Elite Electric Mobility Scooter

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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The X-Treme XMB-400 Electric Mobility Scooter is for seniors and others who need a lightweight and compact electric mobility scooter that packs a lot of punch for a 180-watt model. This electric mobility scooter is not only ideal for seniors and adults, teenagers can appreciate the scooter too for its style and abilities which outstrip other competitor's offerings in mobility scooters.

Powered by a well designed 180 watt electric motor, the X-Treme XMB-400 is easily controlled by a variable speed throttle, aided by a thumb high/low speed knob. It can attain a top speed of 4 mph going forward, and 2 mph in reverse. It can handle a 15 degree upward incline with ease, so you'll fast realize that this mobility scooter can handle most any situation you might find yourself in as you go about your daily business.

The scooter is powered by two 12 volt, 12 amp batteries, which can carry you for up to 10 miles on a single charge. When it comes time to get back on the road, the included Smart Charger can top those cells back up in a little over four hours.

Riders can feel safe riding the XMB-400 electric scooter. The mobility scooter's electric, regenerative-release throttle automatically engages the beefy brakes whenever you ease off on the throttle. The scooter's solid rubber tires measure 2.5” x 8”, which assures good traction on cement or asphalt surfaces.

Handling is smooth and gentle on the X-Treme XMB-400. Clocking in at just 97 lbs. with the battery pack installed, the scooter can be easily lifted for transport by removing the instant release battery pack, shaving off 22 lbs. to make it nice and easy. The XMB-400 can easily handle riders up to 215 lbs.

Rider comfort was forefront in the X-Treme designers' minds. The well cushioned and soft shelf-style seat is fully adjustable, and comes with a padded back and arm rests that can be easily folded down for storage and transport. To make those shopping trips a breeze, this model comes standard with a removable front-mounted basket which is not only sturdy and strong, but is roomy enough to fit all kinds of items.

Other standard features include a horn, headlight and large rear red backup lights, a backup alert which beeps when the X-Treme XMB-400 is put into reverse, a keyed ignition switch, and a digital sealed and weatherproof controller.

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