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X-Treme XMB-420E Electric Scooter

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The X-Treme XMB-420 Elite Three Wheel Electric Scooter is as exciting mobility scooters get—and trust us, that's more than you might think. The XMB-420 is an agile three-wheeled scooter with a top speed of 10 mph. As it happens, it is the very fastest three-wheel mobility scooter currently available! 
The XMB-420E is absolutely full of great standard features, such as hydraulic shocks, head and tail light, turn signals, a fully adjustable comfort seat, a utility cargo basket, reverse gear and much more. It's even packed with safety features such as rear view mirrors, a speed-limiting switch that limits the top speed, and the complete stability offered by the third wheel.
As it is classified as a power chair / mobility scooter, the XMB-420 Elite is legal for use just about everywhere. For anyone from teens and young adults to seniors, this scooter is both fun and practical for everyday mobility needs. This mobility scooter gets you from A to B and looks good doing it, costs just cents a day to charge, is quiet, economical, eco-friendly and a whole lot of fun to ride.
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