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Zappy 3 Standard Three Wheeled Electric Scooter

Discontinued by Manufacturer
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I’m sorry, but Zap has suspended sales of the Zappy 3 Standard Three Wheeled Electric Scooter . We recommend you that you try the EV Rider Stand-N-Ride.

Teens, adults and lively seniors alike are saying yes to the Zappy 3 Standard. This Zappy Electric Scooter is an enjoyable, steady and practical three wheeled electric scooter that’s loads of fun for everyone! The Zappy 3 Standard includes three wheels that provide a secure platform whether the unit is powered or not. Unlike its two wheeled competition, the Zappy 3 Standard is simple to use and only a fraction of the price. Just hop on and go. No automatic balancing mechanism or special training are required. The turning radius is unlimited with 360 degrees of turning capability which makes navigating tight spaces a breeze. The Zappy 3 Standard’s motor is in the hub of the front wheel, so there are no chains, belts, or drive shafts to deal with. It comes with lots of additional features like a front basket, headlight and electric horn.

The Zappy 3 Standard is cherished by all sorts of people for a variety of reasons. It's ideal for local errands, short commutes and college campuses. Lively seniors love the way it helps them get around town. Vacationers take it on board their RV or boat for local travel. Convention goers and warehouse workers use it to help them cross the distance. As with all electric scooters, the Zappy 3 Standard is environmentally friendly, noise-free, and operates on pennies a day. For additional features, check out the Zappy 3 EZ and Zappy 3 Pro Jr.

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