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Zip’r Xtra 3 Wheel Hybrid Travel Scooter

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The Zip’r Xtra Hybrid Travel Scooter is the newest in its very popular line of scooters from Zip’r Mobility. The Zip’r Xtra is the first in a new class of scooters called “Hybrid Travel Scooters,” which combine the portability and convenience of travel scooters with the added space and comfort of mid-size scooters. The Zip’r Xtra, just like the Zip'r Mini Travel Scooter, easily transports and assembles as the heaviest piece is just 33 lbs. and still includes a wire free connection, adjustable seat arms, and headlight standard. The Zipr Xtra incorporates all the things you like about the Zip’r Mini Travel Scooter and adds more leg room, a large upgraded vinyl seat, higher ground clearance, and a high quality gloss paint job.

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