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Zized! Sun Atlas

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You can't beat our Zized! Sun Atlas for a low-cost, strong bicycle. This top bar, cruiser-styled bike has been rebuilt to support a rider up to 450 pounds. We've taken a strong bike and made it stronger! We've replaced the tires with our high thread count, wide Zize top sellers. We've replaced the seat post to one that is much more solid and securely bolted. The saddle gets changed to a Zize-approved one, which means more width and comfort. The crank has been upgraded in strength, as have the pedals (we've put on our tested, super-wide metal ones). The handlebars are brought up and nice and wide. To top it all off, we upgraded this bike to three speeds, which does double duty in terms of strengthening the bike as well as increasing your range, so you can deals with all of life's little ups and downs.

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